CLIMAX in numbers

1 pair of shoes, 1 year

Where did the first idea of CLIMAX come from? It all comes from a dad who couldn't accept the fact that he had to save up for a new pair of shoes for his son for almost a year. Miroslav Jakubec decided to start his own business and earn money for his son's shoes much faster. 

1500 football fields of aluminium

External roller shutters, external blinds and Venetian blinds manufactured by CLIMAX since 2000 would cover an area of 12,227,307 m². CLIMAX would thus easily fill 1,500 football fields with its products. 

1.3 million pieces of external blinds

External blinds are rightfully CLIMAX's flagship product. Since 2000, we have produced over 1,300 000 of them. The one millionth piece, which has headed to France, was produced in June 2020. 


1 million cups of coffee

One coffee for each blind. Coffee is an important energizer for the people in CLIMAX. Not only their assemblers love it, but also people in production, accounting or HR. In 30 years, the company has drunk 7 tons of coffee. This means that, on average, the employees have drunk 1 million cups of delicious coffee. 

30% less energy consumption in buildings

CLIMAX products support the environment. Exterior shading technology reduces the energy consumption of buildings by up to 30%. With light-coloured external blinds or shutters, you don't even need to install air conditioning and the temperature inside shouldn't rise above 27 degrees Celsius during summer. This way we are saving the planet. 

60% is exported to 30 countries

CLIMAX contributes to the Czech Republic's positive trade balance. Approximately 60% of our products go to foreign markets. The company has branches or sales offices in more than 30 countries. 


 5 million CZK for a better life

CLIMAX also thinks about others. As part of the Helping project, it has distributed CZK 5 million since 2014. Each year, CLIMAX is able to help with CZK 500,000  to individuals or organisations selected by all employees on the basis of individual stories and applications. In total, it has already supported 300 charitable projects.  In 2020, the City of Vsetín awarded us with the title of Corporate Philanthropist for our donations and charity work. 

1 600 Empire State Buildings with Climax shading

Since 2000, CLIMAX has produced over 10,500 000 Venetian blinds, shutters and external blinds. How many buildings could be equipped with this type of indoor and outdoor shading from Climax? For example, the Empire State Building has 6,500 windows. CLIMAX could shade such skyscrapers 1,600 times already. 

1,790 improvements from 500 satisfied employees

Since 2016, CLIMAX has used 1,790 improvement suggestions directly from its employees, saving the company an incredible CZK 9.65 million. This amount can be used, for example, to modernize the working environment or to expand the range of benefits offered to employees. We currently employ over 500 employees and the savings from the improvements will cover each employee's cafeteria allowance for almost 10 years! 


Feature film whilst working on 1 blind

One external blind takes on average about 90 minutes to make and there is a lot of work by several skilled people behind it. In that time you can easily watch one feature film. 

300 kg of waste from the stream

Sustainability is a key factor for the future. Production at CLIMAX is managed to use as much waste as possible. In addition, employees also help nature by collecting up to 300 kg of garbage during the annual stream cleaning. 

830 trips around the world

CLIMAX staff travel to customers and partners all over Europe to supply them with customized shading solutions. The cars have covered over 33,125,000 km in 30 years. They have therefore circled the globe (with a circumference of 40,003 km) 830 times.