Evelyn Waltner is the Executive Director of Reitermayer - our largest CLIMAX shading dealer on the Austrian market. Together with her husband Elmar, she has been running this family business for 10 years and employs 28 people. Evelyn is responsible for personnel, suppliers and fleet management. The cooperation with CLIMAX began in 2006 and, according to Evelyn, a very good partnership has been built up in that time. "It is important to work with a strong and quality partner. That gives you certainty when planning and, given the volume of purchases, better prices. This is also helped by the excellent cooperation in marketing. CLIMAX is a valuable partner for us. When the relationship works also on the human side, the cooperation is successful," she adds. Evelyn recalls the early days of the cooperation fondly and says that she still uses some things today: "For example, I still use the templates for orders in the e-shop that Zuzana Divínová, who works in order intake at CLIMAX, prepared for me years ago," she says with a smile. Evelyn is the mother of two wonderful children (16 and 15 years old) and lives in a beautiful house in Weinviertel. She enjoys sports and loves to have fun. With her husband, she is actively involved in the SV Sierndorf football club in addition to running the company. She is ambitious, honest and direct. Her most important values in life are order, discipline, tolerance, reliability, progress and harmony. That is why she can get angry when someone is unreliable, dishonest and sloppy. Perhaps because of this, her motto in life is, "Focus on the solution, not the problem."