His journey in the company began 30 years ago when, as two strangers, he met Miroslav Jakubec (the majority owner of the company) during a tender for window sealers. Together they fitted window seals for people during the winter and blinds in the summer. At first they ordered them from the manufacturer, but after a year they started their own production in rented premises of the Roman Catholic rectory in Przno near Vsetín. "In the 1990s, Mirek and I were an ideal business team. I had a car and Mirek had a telephone," recalls former partner Tomáš Jurečka about the very beginnings of the company. The production facilities were not large then. The owners had many components at home. "I remember that when I was carrying my daughter from the bedroom, I had to cross a pile of carriers," he says. Tomas Jurecka was responsible and took care of development, production and planning. The company's first products - the first Venetian blinds, the first insect screen, the first roller shutter, the first external blinds and the first awning - passed through his hands. "It was a great joy when we introduced a new product. People were happy when something was successful. I knew every employee by name and chatted with almost everyone. It was the right time. I remember when we still had an office in town in the space above the Pančava restaurant, I often had to work from the hallway. There was no room for me in the office. Our administrative office was so small that it could only fit 3 chairs and there were four of us.  My colleagues Iva Paroušková and Petra Karlíková, who handled the administration, and me and Mirek. Mirek and I took turns on that one chair," he adds with a smile. According to Tomáš Jurečka, CLIMAX's development has been crucial with the arrival of the current CEO David Žabčík: "David has sent the company into Europe and the world in a dramatic way. He fired it up here. His arrival has brought a completely different energy to the company," he adds. After 15 years with the company, Tomáš Jurečka decided to make a change. He needed to slow down, take a breather and do new things. He changed his profession and went into the hotel business. He ran the Magistr Hotel in the centre of Vsetín, which provided excellent gastronomy and accommodation in the region for 10 years. In 2007, he left the hotel profession and started his own company to manufacture interior shading, as he calls products that roll and pleat. The headquarters of his company JACK WEST Ltd. with a production area of 5,000 m² is located in Kelč.  It employs 40 people. According to Tomáš Jurečka, what is important is not what skills a person has, because these are learned, but what he is like. "All the people who are employed in the company are wonderful. Together they work well. They are team players. At work, it's important that colleagues are nice to each other because you're more comfortable with your work colleagues than your own family," he adds. Tomáš Jurečka is a life optimist. He is a person who is always thinking and constantly consolidating his thoughts in his head. "Even if I can't rest, life optimism pays off. I am always looking ahead and unfortunate chances and coincidences  do not upset me too much," he concludes.