Lubomír Galeta started at CLIMAX in 1997. He has been loyal to the company for 25 years. His story proves that at CLIMAX it is possible to work your way up from a temporary worker to a member of the Board of Directors. He started out as a Venetian blinds composer, helped with the loading of blinds and also putting the blinds together. He was a production foreman, working in the order intake and claims department. This was followed by the position of Production director. He is now the Director of Internal Services, in charge of everything related to employees, product quality and improvement, systems, claims and IT technology. A workaholic and a man of natural authority, he has been instrumental in building the company's reputation in the region. Having worked his way through a number of roles, he knows the company like few others. In addition, he has a gift for finding one mistake out of a hundred during an inspection. His signature can be found on every directive in the company. As a boss, he is also known for demanding precision and diligence from his people. "I agree with the saying that a good boss asks questions. I ask often and often uncomfortably. I do my best to understand and guide people, to help them" The fact he is serious about it speaks volumes about his favourite quote: "A moment of help is better than ten days of pity."  Luboš has been involved in the creation of the claims department, the implementation of  K2 information system, the organizational structure and job descriptions of the so-called hats, internal processes or the company certification according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. Together with his colleagues, he is significantly involved in system setup, corporate training or project management. Luboš is a person you simply will not forget. He knows how to give a lot, but he also demands a lot. He can make you laugh, but he can also make you cry. He knows how to listen, but he also "cannot keep his mouth shut". He also says things you not supposed to say and he is a man you hear before you see. Because of his high-pitched voice, people often confused him with his colleague Petra Karlikova, with whom he sat in the same office. "Miss, would you turn on the fax machine for me, please? Or Mrs. Galeta, how do you pronounce your surname?"

Despite his time commitment, he had recently graduated from the Faculty of Crisis Management and Logistics at Tomas Bata University in Zlín with a degree in process engineering, specializing in risk control in a manufacturing company. He manages to find time for his family and for unconventional hobbies such as playing the organ during Sunday services, teaching Sunday school and bookkeeping for non-profit organizations.

And what have the 25 years of CLIMAX given Luboš? It has moved me incredibly. When you come to work at 18, you think you're the best the company could get. But over time, you wake up and realize how much you don't know and how much you have to learn. Thanks to Climax, I've learned what friendship and help means. I would never be where I am without the people I've been able to meet and learn from here. And that was true both at the beginning when i was loading and now," concludes Luboš Galeta