Karel Škrabánek joined the company in the autumn of 1996, where he started as a sales and technical representative. "From my previous job I was used to a logical, almost scientific approach to solving various company issues. When I joined CLIMAX I was surprised by its dynamics. Given the great activity of the existing owners, the company was literally flooded with orders from all over the country and was experiencing a huge boom," he recalls the early days and continues, "The people were incredibly dedicated at the time. Thanks to their diligence, they were able to cope with a huge influx of new orders, and although it was a challenging period, it was a great school for life. You learnt to tackle multiple tasks at once and in a straightforward way. Common sense worked and the promised word was sacred. I was part of an excellent team that spared no humor and laughter was the order of the day. After four years, Karel Škrabánek moved from technical representative to sales manager. He was involved in the reorganization and creation of new foundations for the company structure. He helped build a sales team that was responsible for different regions, including the first contacts abroad. Mostly Austria "We created a new pricing system including catalogues, expanded the product range to include external blinds, insect screens and awnings and stabilised the company. In 2002, he ended his employment with the company. "Leaving CLIMAX was not easy. The years spent here were a great experience and a life experience that I still draw on today. I am proud to have been there when the foundations on which the company still stands were laid. I am proud that CLIMAX is now a European leader in the field of shading technology and that I was able to participate in its development even as a small wheel in a cogwheel. In the development of a company that has no limits," concludes Karel Škrabánek.