In September 1999, she joined a small company with only a few employees as a sales assistant, at a time when the sales department did not yet have foreign trade. Thanks to Hana, foreign trade was developed at CLIMAX, which she was later in charge of. "It was a great time. Everything was done spontaneously with the best of intentions. I experienced the transformation of a small business into a large professional company," she adds. In its early days, CLIMAX was a company that employees saw as a big family and were willing to sacrifice their own time and energy, all of which contributed to the company's growth. "I have always been convinced that the owners of the company were very lucky with their co-workers," she elaborates, continuing with one of her humorous memories of the progress of foreign visits to CLIMAX in the 1990s, before she joined: "In the early days, when there was no such language facility, so that in order to conduct a meeting in English or German, a local English and German teacher had to be present to translate the meeting. Even if he had no idea about shading, the course of the negotiations depended a lot on him. It is clear that Czech creativity pays off and in this case, it was to the benefit of the cause," recalls the former Head of foreign trade, who at that time already knew German and English at a professional level and thus took the negotiations with foreign clients under her wing after joining the company.

6 years later, her steps led her from CLIMAX to the Austrian company STOTTAN Co. Wien, a supplier of components in the field of shading technology. She has been successfully involved in shading for 23 years. Her values in life include being straightforward: "If there is a problem, it must be named and solved. At the same time, I like creativity and the ability to respond to the need for change. In my personal life, my family, my own free time and, of course, as I get older, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle are very important to me," she says. And what is her motto in life? "Those who want to, look for ways, those who don't, look for reasons. Everything is possible, you just have to want it," concludes Hana Pospíšilová.