He joined CLIMAX 22 years ago in January 2000. First as a salesman for the Czech Republic. After two years, he was promoted to Head of Sales for the Czech Republic and then moved onto the position of Sales Director. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors. In 2011 he founded his own company eŽaluzie, which is one of CLIMAX partners. eŽaluzie represents the CLIMAX brand in the regions of Valašské Meziříčí, Kroměříž and Nový Jičín. At the same time, eŽaluzie supplies CLIMAX with System boxes for external blinds, purenite boxes and insulation panels, which it manufactures. The business cooperation is therefore mutual. As an employee, Dušan was, for example, at the birth of the network of regional representatives, now CLIMAX partners. "I personally visited the first 10 candidates and convinced them of the benefits of closer cooperation with the CLIMAX brand. I helped to define the initial requirements for the e-shop for wholesale customers, which was the first in the Czech Republic and is still by far the best ordering system on the shading market," he adds.

And what were the beginnings like, according to Dušan? "It still amazes me that at the time I joined CLIMAX there was only one computer with an analogue modem connection to the internet via a fixed line. Today, it is almost unimaginable what it was like to arrive as a novice trader in a foreign city without a navigation system and initially without a mobile phone and to search for a specific street number, usually a private apartment or a house of an assembler without a showroom." His recollections of the past are also tied to hilarious stories, "I remember the moment from the past that I haven't told anyone about yet. Back then, the unnamed owner of CLIMAX, with whom I shared an office, needed to go into town.  He had his car in a car repair shop and the only available vehicle in the company was an old rattled Favorit that was almost out of use. When he came back after an hour, he said with a serious face that he must never go bankrupt, that the idea of having to drive such a wreck of a car all the time literally scared him," recalls Dušan Vrtal with a smile.

According to Dušan, it is important in life that a person behaves towards others as he would like others to behave towards him. And what is Dušan's motto in life? "Do things properly and success will not pass you by."