He worked his way up from an ordinary employee to the company's director. He started at CLIMAX 19 years ago as an international salesman. "The beginnings were good because I had a lot of freedom. Whenever you start from scratch, you have the opportunity to make it your own. But they were also funny at times. For example, when I think back about what we went with to the  customers we went out to convince to work with us. We had two samples of Super Venetian blinds in our hands and a printed price chart," he recalls.  At the beginning, the sales department was divided into sales for the Czech Republic and abroad. Over time, as the company recruited new salespeople, these departments were merged. "At that time, my colleague Dušan Vrtal was the Sales director and I became the Export manager. We operated very successfully this way for several years.

After Dusan's departure for the business career, I became the sales director and since 2019 the company director," says David, who has focused all his activities in the director's chair on making CLIMAX a strong, stable manufacturer and a sought-after employer in the region. "So that our employees can be proud to work for us. To make CLIMAX responsible to the region in which it has grown and where it operates and not to forget those who have been less fortunate in life. To make CLIMAX not only a leader on the shading technology market in the Czech Republic, but also one of the best companies on the entire European market. We need to make the work of our people as simple as possible, to speed up and streamline all internal processes in the company, to focus on digitalization and automation and to constantly provide perfect service to our business partners. We have to think that every day gives us the opportunity to make something, someone or ourselves a little better," adds David. What he values most are successful people who have never lost their humility, have common sense and know how to help others. They are also willing and able to help, learn from mistakes, smile and still be able to run around the football field. "What I appreciate most about CLIMAX is that despite all the hardships, it has never abandoned its purpose. That is not just to sell products and accomplish turnover and profit. The purpose always was, is and I believe will be to truly bring joy to people and improve their lives. Thanks to this, we are able to create long-term relationships with our partners, which often grow into friendships," concludes David Žabčík.