Petr started at CLIMAX 26 years ago, first as a freelancer who assembled our products on construction sites, and then as an employee, he tried out a number of other professions. He went through the production of external roller shutters, orders intake department, price calculations and offers. Finally, he settled in the Technical Support Department, which includes his profession as a trainer.  Peter was present at the start of the production of external roller shutters, the creation of the material costing system and was also involved in the creation of the quotation system.  And how does he remember his beginnings? "I came to CLIMAX from a company with the same production focus but with a completely different philosophy and it turned out to be a step in the right direction. The positions I went through allowed me to experience working in different departments, whether it was production, warehouses, order intake and so on. And if I add to that the many colleagues I have met during my time at CLIMAX, it is a great school and a great collection of experience. I remember one of the company events. We were on a day hike in Pálava with few of my colleagues. It was a hot  summer, over thirty degrees and after a couple of hours of walking in the sun, a voice came from the crowd:“ Do we have any drinks with us?“ My colleague Richard answered:“ yes, I do!“ and he pulled out a bottle of wine. „Well, that's great“, came from the crowd,“but dont you have anything else?“  „Yes, I do“, Richard replied and pulled out a bottle of Fernet.

According to Peter, CLIMAX today is an extremely dynamic company and deservedly the market leader in shading technology. "It's great to be part of CLIMAX. We are a great bunch of people here, with the same sense of responsibility and diligence. And I enjoy that immensely," he says, continuing, "In life, it's important to be straightforward and not go behind peoples backs. That is why I follow the motto: "Treat others as you want them to treat you," concludes Petr Tinka.