Iva is a big-hearted person and will do her best for all her colleagues. She was the first employee of the company and she is still loyal to it today. "Thanks to Mirek Jakubec - the owner of the company and his enthusiasm and willingness to push things forward, working at CLIMAX made and still makes sense to me. That is why I have remained loyal to the company all the time. All my colleagues, whether it was Mirek, Jirka, Tomáš or Luboš, I learned a lot from everyone. I admire all of them and I am glad that they accompanied me on my work journey," she explains. Iva Paroušková is as important to the company as the library is to its town. The only difference is that Iva has no opening hours and her office door is always open. For everyone and anyone. Iva remembers almost all the phone numbers of former colleagues (or at least knows where to find them) or all the names of people who have passed through the company over the past 30 years. If someone needs to know something, they always go to Iva.

She started in the company as an accountant, then she was in charge of economic department until her maternity leave. Now she is in charge of the payroll department and prepares the employees'wages. She can find common ground with everyone, whether it is a colleague in a worker's position or a manager. That's why last year she was elected by her colleagues as their representative to address employee issues with management. Like Josef Gerža, her colleagues chose her as their spokesperson. Iva is a real workaholic and being born in a sign of Aries, she is very stubborn. She is used to seeing things through to the end. She handles things with a bulldog nature so when she decides to do something, she always does it. Even if it takes her a lot of work.  In life, Iva follows the motto: "Life is not about how many times you fall on your face, but about how many times you can get up and move on. Those who are ready are not surprised," she says. And what can make Iva the angriest? "Recklessness, lying, arrogance and when someone behaves unethically. This is something I am not able to tolerate," concludes Iva Paroušková.