Josef has been with CLIMAX almost from the beginning. He started in the 1990s in Pržno, where the first production was historically located. "When I joined CLIMAX, I thought it would be a two-year job and in the end, two years turned into thirty," he adds with a smile and continues, "I am glad that I stayed at CLIMAX and was able to be there when a small family company that started out manufacturing in a Roman Catholic rectory became a large and prosperous company with almost 600 employees. Although in the beginning people were closer and full of expectations, the commitment is still visible. Nevertheless, I remember the beginnings fondly. It was a wonderful time," he adds.


Pepa has been loyal to the company not only as an employee, but also in his profession. He has been working as a profile cutter in the production of Venetian blinds all along. It is not coincidently that the rolling machine used to cut the slats for Venetian blinds is internally called "PEPINA". He was elected by the employees as one of the representatives who deals with the company's management. "I've always been in the company as a kind of spokesperson. I never left anything unanswered. I don't settle for just anything," he says. Josef has been involved in introducing many innovations in the production of Venetian blinds.  "When it came to commissioning new rolling machines, which are essential for the production of Venetian blinds, it always helped and still helps that I am a trained locksmith. It makes it easier for me to find my way around," he says. He is known for playing pranks on his colleagues. "Funny situations strengthen relationships. We always come up with different pranks. That way, colleagues have to be on the alert all the time to make sure they don't spill water when they open the door or go to a meeting with someone who doesn't exist," he recalls. According to Josef, the most important thing for a job well done is to do things properly, with 100% commitment and with the best possible result. "What annoys me the most is unnecessary work," says Josef, who calls himself a calm person, until someone pisses him off. He can get really angry then.