"Cooperation with CLIMAX started 16 years ago when I first met Mirek Jakubec, to address improvements in the company. By the way, this process is ongoing," explains Martin StanÄ›k. As a sales tutorial trainer and consultant, he likes it when people learn a principle and then apply it, making their sales meetings more effective and taking their sales and sales skills to the next level. "I like it even better when they apply some of the principles in their family. We all sell, whether it's a service, a product or a tidy room and we can handle objections. An un-overwhelmed customer who feels good about the deal; an un-overwhelmed wife, husband, child and a good feeling on both sides is also a cause that fulfills me," Martin adds.

And what has Martin's cooperation with CLIMAX brought him? "For me personally, the reassurance that honesty, intelligence and hard work can make it in today's tough world. For me, CLIMAX is synonymous intelligence, good communication, creativity and honesty. Although CLIMAX is now more modern than before, the fundamentals remain the same," he says. His motto in life is: "What you pay attention to grows, so pay attention to the good things in life." "I admire the courage to say yes or no at the right time and I try to conduct myself in a way that I don't have to keep anything a secret, both at home and at work. That's freedom for me," concludes Martin Stanek.