Miroslav started working with the company at the beginning of 2008 and, as he says, at a time when CLIMAX had a third of the turnover and a third of the employees than today. The cooperation was facilitated by a successful tender for a new supplier of audit and tax consulting services, when he was selected together with his colleagues from AUDIT AND TAX s.r.o.

"The new cooperation has brought me new impulses, new areas of problems to solve in the tax area of accounting and all taxes," he adds and continues. „CLIMAX has indeed succeeded." A positive attitude towards life values is one of his typical characteristics. Therefore, reliability, honesty, responsibility and maintaining good relationships, openness and humility are values that he considers important not only in a person's life, but also in the life of the company itself.

And what is his motto that guides his professional life? "Expect the worst and hope for the best." "That's a good strategy to always be prepared and consider all the possibilities," concludes Miroslav Glaba.