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What do we do for the environment?


We do not build new halls on green meadows.


We use unused older buildings for the production of our products, which we reconstruct. In this way, we save valuable land and at the same time "beautify" our surroundings.


We reduce the energy intensity of buildings. We carry out building modifications to our buildings, which reduce their energy intensity. This includes facades insulation and roofs or replacement of old wooden windows with plastic ones.

Thanks to these modifications, we have reduced heating costs by 40%.


We provide suitable climatic conditions


We set the temperatures at the workplaces so that the employees had the required thermal comfort and at the same time that the interiors did not overheat. During weekends and holidays, the temperature is set to be reduced in the offices.



We heat economically


We are constantly looking for ways to reduce the energy burden. We use efficient condensing gas boilers with equiter control for heating, which reduce costs by up to 25%. We use the excess heat generated in the compressor rooms as partial heating in the halls. Thanks to this, we are able to significantly reduce costs not only for heating but also emissions.

We install noise barriers

A healthy environment for us starts in the workplace. In the production, we created a comfortable sound environment using noise barriers. Thanks to them, our employees are not disturbed by colleagues from other departments and vice versa. We are aware that suitable interior acoustics improve productivity, well-being and, above all, health.

We save eyesight

In halls and offices, we are gradually switching to high-quality LED lighting, which is as close as possible to daylight. Lighting is therefore more gentle, healthier, and up to 50% more economical.

We have set the automatic computer shutdown

In production, we have introduced automatic shutdown of computers after working hours.

We collect rainwater

We drain all rainwater to water collectors, so-called solitary. It is an elegant and ecological solution for using rainwater and at the same time reducing the load on the sewer system

We are implementing a paperless office

We also take for granted the reasonable digitization of all documents. That is why we are building a so-called paperless office with us, where we do not print every form, table or leaflet unnecessarily, but we constantly try to reduce the number of written documents, which we convert into digital form. We support data boxes and classic contracts or invoices that our customers have available in digital form.


We care about nature


We take care of the environment around our buildings. We plant new bushes and trees. We try to have a pleasant and clean environment around us. That is why every year we organize spring brigades with our employees, during which we clean the adjacent Jasenický stream.


"Each of us is interested in our own health and we do not hesitate to spend big money for it. Unfortunately, we are no longer interested in the health of nature, where we throw loads of rubbish. At the same time, a clean and tidy environment has a great impact on the quality of our lives. That is why I am glad that our employees are aware of this and came to help in their free time, "the owner of Climax, Miroslav Jakubec, thanked the participants of the" cleansing "event.


We are a green company


It is very important for us that the activities we do in our business are in line with care for the environment. We have joined the Green Company program, where we return all electrical waste for collection. We have been warning our customers for a long time, as well as our employees, that electrical waste does not belong to mixed waste. Why? Because electrical appliances contain many hazardous substances, such as mercury, lead, cadmium and others, but also a large number of recyclable and reusable materials such as aluminium. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly sort all electrical appliances and then dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

We support an alternative way of transport to work

We create good conditions for the use of bicycles and e-bikes to transport our employees to work. We have built special descents from the bike path, which lines the area behind our production halls in Jasenice. Cycling downhill paths are seamlessly connected to secured bicycle parking, so-called bicycle sheds, where charging stations for electric bicycles have also been installed, which has recently become a huge trend.

We are eco-friendly

We have introduced careful sorting of all waste, both in production and in offices. For this purpose, we provided color-coded containers. We regularly train all employees and explain the reasons for waste sorting. We sort production waste into designated boxes according to the type of material. We record its weight each time the waste is exported. In addition, we use only recyclable towels in all kitchens and toilets.

We save energy

Our products create a healthy environment in millions of households around the world. Whoever has our external blinds does not need air conditioning, which has a huge impact on the environment. In winter, you significantly save energy by using external blinds. The air cushion, which is created between the closed blind and the window, acts as another insulating layer limiting heat leakage from the house, so you don´t have to heat too much. This saves not only our health, but also the outdoor environment.

We minimize the use of plastics

Instead of plastic packaging and bags, we sew our own bags from cuts of fabrics produced in the production of awnings and fabric blinds. They are solid, original and look great, which is why we give them as gifts to our business partners and customers. We also sew notepads or drawing blocks from fabrics, which we use as gifts within our company activities.

We do not waste in our production

We try to keep the production of residues constantly decreasing. We monitor the ratio of the amount of waste to total production in statistics and introduce standards for their further use.



Jasenice 1253

755 01 Vsetín

Czech Republic

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