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Insect screens

Insect screens made to measure are a practical accessory against obnoxious insects. They are most useful during the summer, but they find their use in most families all year round. They do not prevent the view of the outdoors, they make sleep more pleasant and create a safer environment for the children. Climax makes screens for both windows and doors. You can choose from fixed, hinged, rolling, sliding or pleated screens. Insect screens can be additionally purchased for windows and doors separately or they can form a part of the external roller shutters.

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Fixed insect screens

Fixed insect screens from Climax are primarily suited for standard windows both plastic and wooden. They are installed directly on to the window frame and when anchoring certain types of fixed insect screens it is not even necessary to drill into the window frame. These insect screens are easy to remove for winter and to reinstall in the windows in spring.

Door insect screens

Door insect screens from Climax are intended for all types of doors. Door insect screens can be opened and mounted on door frames using hinges. Additional options include self-closing hinges to make life even easier. In the closed position, the door insect screen is held in place using magnets that are located inside the insect screen frame. For pet owners, we manufacture practical door insect screens with pet doors.

Sliding insect screens

Sliding insect screens from Climax will guarantee peaceful sleep. They are suitable namely for large sliding doors. However, they will also find their place on French windows or on terrace entrances. For their installation, it is necessary to plan for sufficient room for the insect screen sliding to the side. Thanks to integrated travel wheels, using them is very smooth and quiet.

Window roll-up insect screens

Window roll-up insect screens are appreciated by those who wish to enjoy unobstructed visibility out the window. They are an appropriate alternative to fixed insect screens. The mesh can be quickly and easily pulled up into the top protective box using either a cord or handle. The aluminium frame not only looks stylish but also ensures high strength and a long lifetime.


Door roll-up insect screens

Climax door roll-up insect screens are the ideal solution for doors around which there is not enough room. The advantage is that the insect screen is quickly pulled up on the protective box whenever you need to walk through the door. The pulled up insect screen is held in place using a magnet. Door roll-up insect screens are suitable for all balcony doors or terrace entrances.

Pleated insect screens

Modern pleated insect screens from Climax are not only effective protection against insects but also a modern accessory for balcony doors and terrace entrances. The pleated insect screen is made from a pleated fabric that will decorate your home. The mesh is non-corroding, handles temperature differences well and is practically invisible on the window. The insect screen is protected against accidental opening by a magnet. Enables barrier-free access to the outdoors.



Insect screen EXT-16 is suitable for both standard windows as well as windows with significantly arched frames. It is attached using rotating hooks and so there is no need to tamper with the window, e.g. by drilling into it. For the winter season, you can remove the screen, while in summer it will provide effective protection against obnoxious insects. Allergy sufferers will appreciate the special mesh that prevents the entry of pollen into the room.


Treat yourself to a peaceful sleep even by an open window with fixed insect screens from Climax. Insect screens 25 mm have a very thin frame and can be installed on both wooden as well as plastic windows without the need to drill into their frame.


The advantage of this insect screen is its increased rigidity and stability, therefore you can install it even in larger-format windows that are often made from aluminium. Maximum dimensions are 150 x 240 cm. They most often attached to windows using Z-hooks, which do not require any drilling in the frame.


The 38 mm screen set into a frame can be recessed into the window frame where there is not enough space for mounting it on the frame. This is the perfect solution for retrofitting screens on windows which already feature external roller blinds or shutters or other shading features. This screen is also a suitable solution if the window frame has been embedded in the plaster work by adding thermal insulation. 


Into windows that have protruding drip mouldings or handles, it is necessary to install special so-called offset insect screens that will ensure a peaceful sleep even with the window open. The advantage of the insect screen is its simple installation and removal.


Pleated insect screens serve as effective protection from insects as well as an impressive desing accessory. Their advantage is an elegant appearance, simple handling or the possibility to cover a large area by combining several modules. It is mainly used for entrances to the terrace or balcony, where they allow barrier-free passage.


They can be used in all types of doors, including those that have some sort of angled edge. What is important, is that there is sufficient space for opening the insect screen.
Insect screens LUX can be perfectly matched with doors thanks to a wide range of colours and patterns. At the same time, it is possible to outfit them with a dog or cat door.


A universal insect screen for every door with a very thin frame and section, whilst providing high rigidity thanks to pressed-in metal corners. The entire perimeter of the insect screen is fitted with a sealing brush that ensures a perfect seal between the frame of the insect screen and the door frame. Door insect screens can also be fitted with a dog or cat door, or even self-closing hinges. In the closed position, it is held in place by magnets that are integrated in the frame of the insect screen.


This is the only insect screen that we offer, which consists of its own rigid frame and a hinged wing frame with the insect screen. This type is installed as a single block.


It provides effective and practical protection against obnoxious insects. This type is intended primarily for large French windows or terrace doors. The advantage of sliding screens are their low demands on space.


It is a single-wing insect screen seated in a larger outer frame in which it then moves. Therefore, this insect screen is particularly suitable for sliding doors or French windows.
The insect screen in frame R1 is fitted with a sealing brush and a double-sided handle. Quiet and smooth operation is enabled by travel wheels. The extruded frame profiles and insect screen wings guarantee high stability and rigidity.


Two sliding wings with insect screens mounted in a single frame are able to move independently of each other for easy access to the terrace. At the same time, they provide perfect and non-toxic protection against obnoxious insects. This system is suitable for sliding doors or large French windows up to a width of 3.4 m.


Rolo hook is a self-winding roll-up insect screen with an upper box that moves in aluminium guide rails fitted with a sealing brush. When it is pulled down, the insect screen is held in place by hooking into the bottom fixed profile. Best-in-class workmanship ensures a long product lifetime and a timeless design.


Rolo klik is a self-winding roll-up screen with a top rectangular box that protects it when it is pulled up. The frame of the insect screen is made from extruded profiles that guarantee high rigidity and stability. Along the sides, the insect screen moves in aluminium guide rails fitted with a sealing brush. The pulled down insect screen is secured in place by clicking in the profile in the bottom part of the guide rails.


The door insect screen Rolo magnet provides effective and practical protection against insects. The main advantages of these insect screens are their simple operation, low space demands and their appearance. They are ideal in all locations where there is insufficient space for a hinged or sliding door insect screen.


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Are you looking for shading for your apartment or house? Are you building, renovating or want to give yourself more comfort? Choose from our wide range of external and interior shading products, patio and terrace shading and insect screens.



For faster quotation processing, you can enter the following basic information in the notes:

  • dimensions (width x height) and number of pieces
  • colour (see the colour sample collection for the specific product)
  • control (manual x motorised - wall switch, remote control or mobile device)
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Why purchase insect screens?



Insect screens for windows are a natural form of protection not only against insects but also pollen. The fabric with anti-pollen mesh will be much appreciated by every allergy sufferer. Maintaining insect screens is simple, once a year wash away any pollen and dirt. Select from many insect screen frame colour tones, easily matching the colour of the window frame. They are also made in an imitation of wood.


Main advantages



Protects against insects and pollen


For both large and small areas


Various designs


Easy handling



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