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Door roll-up insect screens

Climax door roll-up insect screens are the ideal solution for doors around which there is not enough room. The advantage is that the insect screen is quickly pulled up on the protective box whenever you need to walk through the door. The pulled up insect screen is held in place using a magnet. Door roll-up insect screens are suitable for all balcony doors or terrace entrances.

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The door insect screen Rolo magnet provides effective and practical protection against insects. The main advantages of these insect screens are their simple operation, low space demands and their appearance. They are ideal in all locations where there is insufficient space for a hinged or sliding door insect screen.


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Insect screens




Are you looking for shading for your apartment or house? Are you building, renovating or want to give yourself more comfort? Choose from our wide range of external and interior shading products, patio and terrace shading and insect screens.



For faster quotation processing, you can enter the following basic information in the notes:

  • dimensions (width x height) and number of pieces
  • colour (see the colour sample collection for the specific product)
  • control (manual x motorised - wall switch, remote control or mobile device)
Download the app and see how the shading would look in your home!











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Gallery of realizations

Door roll-up insect screens
Door roll-up insect screens
Door roll-up insect screens
Door roll-up insect screens
Door roll-up insect screens
Door roll-up insect screens

Why purchase door roll-up insect screens?



Door roll-up insect screens made to measure are a popular alternative to sliding or hinged insect screens. The mesh from fibreglass fibres is non-corrosion and handles temperature differences well. Furthermore, it is practically invisible on the window. You can choose from standard black or grey mesh.


Main advantages



Protection against insects


Strength and stability


Easy handling



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